Doug Macaulay Trombone Studio

Westside Brass

Our Repertoire

Musicians of any age are invited to play in Westside Brass on a performance-by-performance basis. Our instrumentation varies depending on who is available, and on what music we want to play for a particular performance. For example, recently we performed as a trombone trio. Sometimes we also have trumpets. Occasionally, we include other instruments, as may be required by the music.

If the following things are true for you, 1) you are a serious brass player (trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, euphonium, or tuba), 2) you are willing to practice on your own for at least 30 minutes nearly every day, and 3) you are willing to attend Westside Brass rehearsals for 90 minutes on Saturdays several times prior to a performance, then you may send your contact information to Doug Macaulay at this email address:


We expect all applicants to be able to play major scales in all keys up to and including three flats and also three sharps. If you are thinking in 8th notes, then the tempo should be at least Quarter Note equals 72 beats per minute. You should play more than one octave, using your full practical range in every key.

As a member of a performance ensemble, you will be expected to practice your ensemble music regularly on your own, and to make good progress from week to week. In addition, other practice materials may be assigned from time to time, so that we all improve our technique and musicianship as we continue to play. Certainly, that is what we all want!

While it is not a requirement, it is always helpful to include a brief letter of recommendation from your private teacher, or your band or orchestra teacher, or school music teacher. This letter can be as short as a sentence of two.

We look forward to hearing from you!